SirMet-audience stand

9920(inc. VAT 24%)

SirMet-product, light and handy aluminium stand for events & other occasions!

Price 8000 €/pc VAT 0% (9920 €/pc inc. VAT 24 %)



Product Description

SirMet -stand Is easily moveable to where required! Finnish SirMet -stands are being made of aluminium in Siuro, Finland.

Towable by car or a van & road ready. Sitting up to 60 people. Simple to set up & easily transportable by simply raising the lower step.

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SirMet-stand SM6000/5:

length 6m + drawbar 1,8m

width 3,1m, transportation width 2,4m

height 2,7m

weight 540kg


Price 8000 €/pc VAT 0% (9920 €/pc inc. VAT 24 %) (price includes the MOT, registration and lights)